Honk If You Write Sestinas

Jonathan Davidson

The craze of poetry ‘bumper stickers’ (or similar items displayed in car rear windows) has surely reached its peak. On Friday last, the reverie I normally allow myself during the short car journey to a well-known purveyor of croissants (and much else besides) was spoilt by a cacophony of honking horns as fellow drivers sought to make public their passion for that most muddle-headed of forms, the Sestina. The noise of drivers drawing attention to themselves was such that I was unable to hear the frenzied yapping of the little puppy dog whose lead had inexplicably been caught in my near-side rear door and who had therefore been trotting along just behind my vehicle in some vexation. The journey was short and the puppy was not harmed, although I cannot say the same for myself. Before I had left the carpark at the Winson Green branch of Lidl with the…

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