Sorting out my angle…

Image: Brian Robert Marshall …the worst national shortage of papyrus in the history of small-press publishing… My book, A Commonplace – Apples, Bricks and Other People’s Poems (Smith|Doorstop, 2020) was published today, although you’ll not be seeing it immediately as all the physical copies have been impounded by the authorities and are languishing on pallets… Continue Reading →

Universal Place-Makers: Mick North & Catherine Byron

These reviews first appeared in The North (No. 63, Winter 2019), a subscription to which is recommended. Observant readers will note that the books reviewed below were originally published several decades ago. Do not be afraid, for these are books that have ‘come through’. And although they are currently (inexplicably) unavailable, the hunt for second-hand… Continue Reading →

Putting the kettle on…

What should we tell people about our poems? Faced with a poetry reading the poet typically settles for a bit of ‘intel’, a gag or two if they are that way inclined, and the usual abject apology. This much is expected and it works well enough. The poet slips the knife into the poetic bivalve… Continue Reading →

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